It's the ladies' turns to shine as Olympia competition gets underway.

Day 1 of competition is underway at the 2004 Olympia weekend and the ladies of figure, fitness and bodybuilding have warmed things up nicely with their respective prejudging performances.

The day started off with a tribute to a couple of bodybuilding legends, namely three-time Mr. Olympia ('67-'68-'69) Sergio Oliva and two-time Mr. Universe ('73-'74) Lou Ferrigno, who were inducted into the FLEX Bodybuilding Hall of Fame in a ceremony sponsored by Twinlab. Other inductees included Larry Scott, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Lenda Murray and Cory Everson.

Then it was the ladies' turn to take the Expo Center stage. The various rounds of fitness, figure and bodybuilding were interspersed throughout the day as a prelude to tonight's main event. Among the 15 figure and 14 fitness athletes it's hard to pick a frontrunner as of yet. In the fitness routines the bar seems to rise higher with each competition while in figure each competitor cut a striking profile. Of course perennial favorites Monica Brant, Jenny Lynn and defending Figure Olympia champion Davana Medina practically defied the audience to take their eyes off of them.

In bodybuilding a familiar story is unfolding as an incredibly ripped and muscular Iris Kyle looks to pose a serious threat to Lenda Murray's grip on her sport's top honor. Yaxeni Oriquen, coming in at a massive 167 pounds is looking to followup her NOC and GNC wins with an Olympia title of her own. In the lightweight class veteran contender Nancy Lewis is hoping to capitalize on the momentum she took from winning her class in Atlanta just three weeks ago.

Judging from the level of excellence witnessed throughout the day, tonight's show is going to bring down the house of Mandalay!