Sit-Stand Desks Are Beneficial For Your Health

We are all aware of the phrase, “Sitting is the new smoking.” Nowadays more people are visiting doctors for their back pains than smoking induced diseases. Studies have shown that sitting is one of the major causes of obesity worldwide. The advent of gaming gadgets and internet has caused people from every age group, gender, and nation to slouch in front of these devices. This sitting tendency is not just restricted to leisure activities but our workplaces have forced us to forget that there is more to life than sitting.

This perception is gradually evolving as more employers and entrepreneurs are introducing Sit-stand desks culture in everyday life. This has caused the work performance to increase dramatically. Sit Stand office desks enable people to change their posture from time to time and sit or stand while performing the work whenever they feel the need for it.

Sit-stand desks or height adjustable desks are especially built for commercial or private use that motivates people to stand up whenever they feel discomfort in their backs or knee joints. Our bodies perform the best when we allow it to mobilize which promotes a natural blood circulation and muscle stability. Standing while at work has shown to burn additional 170 calories a day compared to sitting for that same amount of time. And over a long period, this habit promotes healthy weight and reduces joint pain.

In addition, Sit stand desks reduce our chances of getting diabetes or blood sugar. According to a research, a group of people was asked to stand rather than sitting after having lunch. When compared to people who sat at their workplace after having afternoon meal, the people from the first group experienced lesser sugar spike about 50% less. It is evident, that Sit stand desks not only promote a productive workforce but also reduces chances of getting diseases.